McWong Enters New Era as mwConnect

Mar 2, 2024

SACRAMENTO, Calif., March 4, 2024— McWong International, a leading innovator in wireless mesh technology, is rebranding itself as mwConnect.

“After 40 years and tremendous evolution as a company,” says Margaret Wong, President and Founder, “we have outgrown our original name and identity. We have evolved into a technology solutions provider of connected, smart lighting solutions and want to participate in the marketplace this way.”

“We are proud of our 40-year heritage as an American company founded by Chinese- and Irish-American immigrants,” notes Stephen Zhou, Executive Vice President. “To preserve this heritage as well demonstrate as our ongoing commitment to innovation, quality and service, we have chosen to incorporate our visual icon into our new name and logo.”

Blane Goettle, Executive Vice President, adds, “We embrace this new chapter in our history and look forward to serving our long-time customers as well as offering innovative new solutions to the marketplace.”

About mwConnect
An American company based in Sacramento, mwConnect (formerly McWong International) has produced superior lighting controls and related electrical power and protection components for 40 years. Today, mwConnect is engineering IoT solutions for today’s rapidly changing marketplace. As an award-winning solutions provider with advanced design and manufacturing facilities in strategic global locations, mwConnect offers the most comprehensive wireless mesh solutions available in the marketplace. The company continues to support its long-time OEM partners with an extensive and essential lighting component product portfolio.